Welcome to Annie’s Poetry!

Image Copyright Ann Bagnall

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoy visiting my poetry website!

You can either scroll through the pictures on the front page and select poems randomly, or you can select specific types of poems or themes from  the menu.

For information, Micropoetry started off many years ago now, as a fun thing to do especially on Twitter where the character limit is strict for each post.  I created almost all of mine by using lines from much longer poems, so you may find the same or similar lines in multiple places.

Have fun and I hope you find this a nice place to spend a little time!


PS: You can access the menu by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines in the top right hand corner of the site.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Annie’s Poetry!

  1. Hello Annie,

    Nice work…..I had a question? I saw a poem of your named love bites under your micro-poetry one line series that i really enjoyed that sparked thoughts of words from me. The question is could i remix or add to those on my site. Thanks again & keep up the good work!



    1. By all means – feel free to re-blog my poem to your site if you wish to share it. One line poems are not my own idea, there are a lot of them about, but the ‘love bites’ title is part of a series of mine and is copyrighted by me. You should definitely have a go at the one line poems though – they are a lot of fun! If you wish to use the ‘love bites’ title specifically, or if you use my words and ‘re-mix’ them it would be great if you let people know where you were inspired, perhaps a link to my poem? Anyway, enjoy!


    1. Thank you for this, I am very touched. I generally don’t do these awards though for a number of reasons – the main one being that I really struggle to pick the number of blogs to nominate myself. In the past I have done this and found it almost impossible to choose from the many blogs I follow- all of which I enjoy for different reasons and all of which are worthy of awards for sharing themselves with all of us. I have also experienced some unpleasantness from bloggers I did not select, which made me feel awful and kind of spoilt the whole thing for me. So thank you again, it is lovely to be nominated!

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      1. I understand you completely…awards kinda provide a divide among bloggers…even soon-to-be-friends….which is why i wont be offended if you don’t write a nomination post 😀 …Im not a fan of the search for nominees either, takes time and makes you feel backed into a corner


      2. I’m glad you understand – even declining ca be tricky! I sometimes take on poem challenges of different sorts, Such as Blair (http://bjgaulton.wordpress.com/) sent me recently (that was to post a quote and poem of my own to match three days in a row). They can be fun and don’t risk hurting anyone’s feelings!

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