We Step Into The Mirror

…with nothing between us

Image courtesy of Peakpx.com

Endlessly drifting
in a stony place of hurting
this is my shell of glass and rain
I am standing alone
only coloured by myself
the echoes of a day, an hour
slide into nightfall

morning lingers
just beyond reach
I see the ashes
of another warning
echo across emptiness
as playthings of the wind

gentle words fall heavily
upon this place
the moon’s face rising
in black branches

like the storm
you stay but a while
but in the light
of your eyes
the doors of forever
are opened wide

we step into the mirror
with nothing between us
to where self and image collide
in you I drown
and all my senses swim
dream into dream
breath upon breath

©Ann Bagnall

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