It Is Cold In The Dream

…or so it appears

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It is cold in the dream
there is a fine mist of rain
perhaps it is fog
but damply it settles
and softly it falls
on me

I cannot tell
if it is night or day
all the colours have faded
leaving just shades of grey

I feel lost and alone
I think I am searching
this place seems familiar
the house it is mine

or mayhap
it is me
me that is owned
by this place by the sea

room after room
with my hands I trace history
they are crowded
with memories
yet empty of me

it is cold in the dream
or so it appears
waves all around
they surge
at the windows

as I walk through this place
it dawns on me late
that the walls are all glass
and the house
stretches out like a pier

room after room
into the distance
into to sea
and the waves and the rain
close softly around me

© Ann Bagnall


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