The Unbounded Labyrinth

…duality in shattered glass

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

Did I dream this?
did I create you
to ease my solitary days?

your eyes
are forever dark
and your face
forever shadowed

now I remember
the breaking of the mirror
the illusions I created
the harsh dissonance
and glittering anomalies
duality in shattered glass

falling into delusion
it is what I run from
in the silence
the seemingly
unbounded labyrinth
random directions
completely disoriented

climbing endless tiers
of spiral stairs
too entangled
the intricate designs
the eyes
have been deceived
many fictions
are meaningful
just distortions
conflicting views

a glimpse of reality
makes me take
my ashen dreams
my smoky apparitions
and close my eyes
against it all
lest they consume me
I see this thin facade
and finally
I have an awareness
that washes it all away

© Ann Bagnall

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