Safe Within Our Hearts

…these precious moments

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

Rain circles the night
I listen to it falling
with its steady beating
it spells your name
brings images of you
soothes my pain
and in the dark hours
the past seduces me
calls me to her arms

the place that I dream of
is always familiar
a place where lost memories
are stirred within
where again, I meet you
in our secret places
and where I can hold you
once more in my arms

all questions fade
in the embrace
I give you my deepest fears
and you give me yours
finding their lodgings
safe within our hearts

but too soon
you are melting away
falling effortlessly
into deep pools of silence
as always, in this dream
your absence
leaves me breathlessly still

my only solace
when we meet again
we always remember
these precious moments

© Ann Bagnall

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