As The Earth Is To The Moon

…and to the overarching sky

Image courtesy of Wallpaper Flare

In breath after breath, we dwell
as a single shadow
intertwined, in mind and soul
as the earth is to the moon
and to the overarching sky

there are many faces, of our love
the longest shadows
of a slow burning sunset
evening birds, awakening to life

the fragrant breath, of the seasons
and the endless returning
of waves, to the shore
the ever-changing hues of heaven

this is the earth speaking
the dream that you are
time drifts aimlessly
memories, whisper to me

you have been away so long
you are like the shadows
shifting restless, uneasy
achingly distant
in the dark corners, of dreams
where I find you waiting

the bees, cling to the flowers
black pools, dance with raindrops
branches, are heavy with buds
the brook, flows into the darkness

just as the cycles of the moon
send the snowflakes
and then the blossoms
whirling through the blue
you open me gently
to the morning

you share the spark
you fan the flame
and set my waking hours on fire
in a language, that is ours alone

you slip into my thoughts
and I am melting
just as you melt, into me
like the gold of the sun
falling softly, and gratefully
into a burning sea

© Ann Bagnall

** A poem from my book ‘Surrender To The Flames’ published on Amazon**

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