The Boundless Light

…forever entwined

Image courtesy of Wallpaper Flare

In all my searching
yours was always
the path I followed
your smile reaches
every corner, of my soul
your eyes, draw me to you
and in the darkness
you take my hand

I am floating
on an endless sea
into dreams
each more vibrant
than the next
falling, into your arms
as we drift away

far away
from the shadows
and from the pain
floating along
swept by the wind
we fly high
on the wings of love

oh, how you beautify
the empty spaces
how you fill them, with light
and hummingbird whispers
secrets shared
and songs of joy

we are both the sky
and the earth, beneath our feet
we are the burning desire
and the boundless light

forever entwined
between heaven and earth
like stars
together every day
burning eternity

© Ann Bagnall

** A poem from my book ‘Surrender To The Flames’ published on Amazon**

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