…once again I find myself

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

A stand of trees
a summer shower
every leaf drips with desire

I am the rain-soaked cloudy sky
and you are precious patches of azure on high
a cloud bank trails into the distance
another day disappears as it must

I am the aching desert after rain
and you are the fire in my veins
inside me blooming flowers of flame

I am a night of mystery
in this velvet moment as evening falls
and you are the silver moon that drenches me

I am an empty boat floating free
and you are the ceaseless motion of my sea
we are an endless ocean and nothing comes before

I am a petal floating on the breeze
and you are ever like the wind for me
so once again I find myself
and I see
that I am not drifting anywhere

© Ann Bagnall

** A poem from my book ‘The Moon Is Calling My Name’ published on Amazon**


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