Tumble Down In Love

…we swim in a sea of stars

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

Come sweetheart
come tumble down in love with me

unveil yourself to this unanswerable desire
that echoes in our hearts

whirling in flight let it take us together
into the velvet night

where unspoken promises are understood
whispered to us

danced upon our acquiescent flesh
this dream is far too sweet

we love passionately
in a thousand different ways

the peaks blaze up against the sky
the petals that flow with our blood

tremble in full bloom
tender like water

our passion runs like oncoming tides
we swim in a sea of stars

I am a bird in song
impatient with desire

your sure fingers
sound the strings of my soul

slowly, you release me
I breathe you in

and we fall
into dripping colours

at last, we lie in sweet repose
embraced by infinity itself

and so, I drown in joy
and drown, and drown
once more

© Ann Bagnall

** A poem from my book ‘Surrender to the Flames’ published on Amazon**

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