Ice Pure and Elemental

…a white heat

A curtain has been drawn apart
the winds, are softly dying
yet there are petals floating
and leaves, falling down
tumbling, red into white

in time, the twilight purples
and the candle burns short
it is then that I feel it most
the wind brings back
the sweetest scene
I replay it in my mind

the touch that is
both ache and pain
and the longing that flows
down the river of time
with heat enough
to set the seven seas aflame

the waves sound out a melody
that sings with passion and fire
it plays once again
on the chords of my heart
and the red sky
like the pure wine of love
opens up

to delight in this world
of perfume and light
flowers bloom everywhere
and bliss descends upon the night

our desire still has far to go
down passion’s blazing path
a white heat
that seems at once
both ice pure and elemental

© Ann Bagnall

** A poem from my book ‘Surrender to the Flames’ published on Amazon**

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