The Aching Ebb and Flow

…interludes of rapture

Red rose on the white snow
Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

The sand slips through the hourglass
once again
rushing through the night
the wind ripples
and its song rises
until it loses itself in the void

rose petals fall
bleeding upon the pristine snow
on the island of my heart
around whose shores
the searching waters roam

it seems that it recalls
in its aching ebb and flow
interludes of rapture
those forbidden moments and passions
that time could never render thin

these thoughts
pulling me deeper into myself
piecing together our history
in a place beyond all words

I paint it with colours
gild it with gold
it is only here
that I can I freely reach you
on the margin of dreams

here, where all past secrets
will in time come tumbling into light
as the jasmine scented
breath of spring

petals blush and whisper
softly sighing as they drift away
leaves of fall
feathered with flames
burn with desire
throwing themselves
quivering, upon the wind

as my soul aches to be free
like a boat untethered and drifting
upon a beautiful sea

© Ann Bagnall

** A poem from my book ‘The Ocean Whispers To Me’ published on Amazon**

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