The Lingering Blossoms of Spring

…on the edge of a dream

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

Walk with me
through paths unseen before
through untrodden passages
here, where no-one ever stays
close to my heart
upon the fringes of the day
on the edge of a dream
closer than a memory
softer than a kiss in sleep

so near to heaven
breathe in the stillness
I am the pulsing tide
and sweet, impossible dreams

I am the sudden, soft breeze
in the breath of twilight
where sunlight spills
beyond weeping clouds
I am the secret thoughts of the heart
and the seconds between the lightning
the whispers of morning
the lingering blossoms of spring

I am the open book that longs to be read
I am the soul that aches to be touched
and this you have always known
since the beginning

© Ann Bagnall

** A poem from my book ‘Seasons Shift – The Patterns of the Dance’ published on Amazon**

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