The Trees and I Stand Empty

…these painful memories

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

A cold wind blows in
from the desolate mountain
crying as if aching to escape
the echoing silence
that permeates this place

its passage trembles
through the shivering leaves
causing the last of the petals
to drift downwards and scatter

reminiscent of snowflakes
in a rush to evade their destiny
or the menacing shadows
that swirl with more softness
than their darkness suggests

the trees and I stand empty
finding a measure of peace
in the petals, the leaves
and the tears of the wind

now fallen to rest
on lifeless stones
beneath the dark onyx face
of the towering peaks

the miles that separate

these painful memories
overwhelm me
my heart is heavy
with the weight
of consequence

like a tiny bird
beating its wings
unable to rise
from its nest
I await your return

© Ann Bagnall

** A poem from my book ‘I Am The Mirror Empty Without You’ published on Amazon**

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