The Darkness Consumes

…and my heart breaks

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

A sudden touch
of winter
runs through
the empty spaces
the vacant places
of my heart

both fire and ice
burns within
the anomalous nature
of fresh grief

I hear an echo
calling in my soul
and I feel it

like a curtain
falling down to rest
no longer troubled
by the wandering wind

the shadows here
are deeper
shifting shapeless

shattered silhouettes
of memories
fading in and out
of view

the melancholy
keeps on falling
like whispers
in all the shades
of loneliness

there is a gentle song
of night rain
tapping gently
on the roof
into an emptiness
beckoning like truth

and here I am
in your wake
for my soul
the night to take

but the night
has turned its face
from me
and I tremble
and gently
the darkness
and my heart breaks

© Ann Bagnall

** A poem from my book ‘I Am The Mirror Empty Without You’ published on Amazon**

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