Reaching Backwards

…to love

Image courtesy of Wallpaperflare

Another restless night
the moon rises through a cloud
ragged threads of yesterday
fragments torn
from the winds of time
fragile as a flame
existing now
only within our hearts

the faraway call of a bird
out of place in the dark
no-one one is there
are we dreaming or waking?
we can’t quite remember

long ago
we lost the questions
that cannot be spoken now
because we let ourselves forget
here is the point
that everything returns to
and something
greater than ourselves
flows through us like rain

turn the pages my love
turn away from your pain

these things that make you smile
that stir the substance within
will keep us safe
until the next unguarded moment
of our resilient hearts

what you see of me
through the mirror
beyond your gaze
all that you see
is all that I am

even the sky
needs the earth to reveal it
although you stand
on distant shores
clouds sprinkle the sun
across the water
and spin a web of connection

and I know beyond knowing
that in imperfect flowing time
memories are deeper than dreams
reaching backwards to love
we will be one with the loss
and with the finding

© Ann Bagnall

** A poem from my book ‘I Am The Mirror Empty Without You‘ published on Amazon**

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