The Formless Weight

…of sorrow

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His heart is broken
all his secrets and losses

deeply held inside
with each swiftly passing day

time slipping away
he finds himself somehow back

where he used to be
facial lines becoming deep

in his heart he knows
he enters darkness alone

the sounds of the day
fading to a quiet hum

like his dreams falling
silently down to the earth

into the distance
he gazes at yesterday

his hands now tremble
as he dallies with his thoughts

in the nights alone
he feels the hours as they pass

carrying such pain
he finds the sudden silence

after heavy rain
awakens him in the night

leaves him wondering
if the wide halls of heaven

have fallen empty
but for the endless echoes

memories fading
the formless weight of sorrow

perhaps it is almost time
evening shadows drift in

colours of the day
falling ever so gently
down into the long dark night

© Ann Bagnall

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