…on the boards

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

What we had was always moving slowly
like water changing rock into sand
like a walk in a dream
that felt like now and also forever
but tomorrow was never promised
even tireless feet must surrender to time

time, which now has stopped for me again
for you were always my seconds
my minutes and my hours
as seasons come, and ages pass
still your memory remains
a secret sanctuary in my mind

long remembered and long unsaid
in my forever endless restlessness
I want to look once more into your eyes
to hear your whispers on the wind
you, you are forever in my heart
where every rosebud, finds its petals soon

now I am slipping quietly into your dream
beyond reach and beyond time
it is a place I have come to know so well
a place of moments and familiar shadows
where our two journeys merge
and a peace, long missed, descends

walk on my love and with each step
I will feel you move further into me
for I have loved you in lifetimes before

I hear a whispering breeze calling to me through the trees
I see your name painted across the fields of light
I hear truth whisper softly in the still of the night

I hear your quiet footsteps on the boards
I hear the songs of memory, serenading me
I feel the waves rising in the oceans of my heart
I see the wind carrying you back to me
and I am sailing forever onwards
into the waiting depths of your beautiful eyes

© Ann Bagnall

** A poem from my book ‘Time Is Not Just Clocks or Ticks and Tocks’ published on Amazon**

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