Each Remembrance

…is a petal sweet

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

We have something
that only love itself can comprehend

we search constantly
for beauty

for the encountering
of each other

where in the moment
all memories will return to us again

each remembrance is a petal sweet
looking for a place to fall

each fluttering softly
into the hand of time

and gently, ever so gently
it is crushed

the air is filled with fragrance
transient and familiar

we pass into our dreams again
it is not a departure to anywhere

but it is always
an awakening

© Ann Bagnall

2 thoughts on “Each Remembrance

    1. Thanks Antony – I have always had a bit of a thing for cherry blossoms – they evoke a lot of thoughts and pictures for me – I found out by accident one day a while back that my father also loves them and uses pictures of them for his PC wallpaper – he later found out that one of my sisters seems to also have a thing for them – none of us being in places where we see cherry blossoms much at all!

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