Turning The Pages

…night after empty night

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

Above mountains
vales and deep blue seas
a bell tolls, reverberating
in an ever-diminishing circle
that reflects my melancholy

even the shadows
of the highest peaks
tremble at the tones
as each desperate chime
echoes like the sighs of the sky

the shadows cast down
from the mountaintop
fall heavily upon me
yet still I am weightless
and drifting, without you

as I whisper my wishes
to the falling night
the fragile wings of hope
are still wildly beating
but the bell still tolls

and the winds of separation
whisper my sorrows to the moon
whose every oscillation
night after empty night
is turning the pages

© Ann Bagnall

** A poem from my book ‘I Dance with the Ghost That Haunts Me’ published on Amazon**

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