The Halls Of Eternity

…these precious moments

Image: ‘Flowers In Rain’ by Stephanie Farnan

Towards the early hours
of morning
rain falling
like whispers
the sigh of a distant wind
a wistful
haunting melody
the sounds of my heart

and hidden somewhere
within the shadows
the deep velvet shadows
petals are opening
and unfolding
adorned with patterns
of night frost
the chimes of the wind
singing still

the softest blossoms
fall and trail
gently shimmering
in whimsical turns
against the silence
of the night

I see the light of change
the distant violet hues
beauty such as this
would reflect in any colour

there comes a profound silence
a silence unbreakable
and here I wander with you
these precious moments
we hold them forever
and silence and serenity
fill the halls of eternity

© Ann Bagnall

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