Blossoms Of Death

…playing heedless in the shadows

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

My heart beats
a new rhythm

destiny unfolds
and journeys begin

unknown twists and turns
this road is one of solitude

a path with no return
all bridges must be crossed

these tangled rivers
will in time reveal the truth

this turmoil within
envelops me

while awaiting
the torturous pass of the night

and all the while
the dark red blossoms of death

playing heedless
in the shadows

are ever whispering
in my ear

© Ann Bagnall

**This poem is a reflection on a time many years ago when tests had identified an aneurysm in my brain and I was awaiting a more conclusive examination the following morning. The procedure was awful, but the news was great - the angle on the the previous test was misleading, and the worst thing they found was that I have arteries that are prone to bulging (just a warning that aneurysms might occur because of that - fortunately, none have appeared so far!)**

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