As Always In This Dream

…the waves come

Image: ‘Proteus’ by Marina Synteli

The rain is pouring down
as always in this dream
it is night
and this place
is my home
I remember it clearly

I walk through the rooms
where familiar things
overwhelm me
something changes
I sense that I am out of place

there is a strange door
I have seen it before
and I am afraid to look
a wall is missing
open to the dark garden

I reach for that door
just as I must
as the night
calls to me
in tones
that make me resist

my heart is beating
for I know it is time
then the waves come
rising up into the darkness
then crashing down
on me

I sense the end is near
and I am drifting
and floating into the darkness
where peace
softly falls upon me

© Ann Bagnall

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