The Flow Of Moments

…passing from illusion to illusion


Autumn leaves
each landing with such elegance
that none are heard to rustle

in fields of flowers
footprints fill with rain
and yet are also filled with emptiness

dwindling daylight
each blossom drifts off to slumber
and disappears into the night

one fragile moth floating
starved for colour and light
passing from illusion to illusion

the flow of moments
a flash of lightning rends the night
and always the darkness is waiting

shadows fall upon the earth
the moon in eclipse
reveals the galaxy

light falls from the sky
stars like scattered dust
so many tiny echoes remain

Ā© Ann Bagnall

5 thoughts on “The Flow Of Moments

  1. I was reading and daydreaming, and I came upon you and your words gave life to my daydream. You are a wonderful beautiful spirit who makes a moment sing of the happiness it has to share. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Annie! Hugs!


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