…away in the dark

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

I dread the quiet
I can hear the night
calling me to you
I cannot sleep
and I crave you
the hours, seem to pass
so slowly
yet I linger here
to find you

I stand at my windowsill
and feel myself melting
vanishing away
in the dark
I never stop you
from leaving
if I parted from you
for a thousand years
our love, would not forget

yet in the gathering shadows
I still feel so alone

I hold you
in my thoughts

and I ache
to listen to you breathe
to feel your breath on me

I have become, an errant petal
hurtling through
the heavens

I come seeking you
I am the wild ocean
in an endless dance
of longing

I cannot find my way back
and in emptiness itself
in the dead of night
I now understand

and I thirst for silence
and the desert
of my dreams

© Ann Bagnall

** A poem from my book ‘Surrender To The Flames’ published on Amazon**

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