The Pendulum Swings

…one perfect moment

Winter Tree: Painting by Brenda Owen

Everywhere around is silence
and the leaves begin to fall
the fires die with the wind
the first red lantern tries the night

winters’ kiss lands softly
as if floating upon ghostly clouds
time passes
soon shall the frost
cover the fallen leaves

silent unmoved entombed
nocturnal shades
shadows deep and cold
days too short nights too long

a withered tree amongst the frozen rocks
beckons in vain for some touch
a sign of life

chilling ice-cold beauty
of hushed and lonely tones
flows icy through your veins
and a voice in the wind sighs
sings its melody to the night

one perfect moment
crying silver in the pale moonlight

the tree stands still watching
and the pendulum swings

© Ann Bagnall

** A poem from my book ‘Time Is Not Just Clocks or Ticks and Tocks‘ published on Amazon**

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