Circles and Spirals To Nowhere

…moving in slow motion

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

In the past we lived in the moments
hearts and eyes open wide
breathe dance work play
love live eat drink
wake sleep sing pray

Life was a winding road
leading to or from somewhere
known or unknown
a journey from cradle to grave
our seasons of transformation

where we bloomed and grew like flowers
discovering our world
with innocence and joy

where in the light
we flew like birds, hatched our chicks
and helped them grow

where like leaves our colours faded
but love had many shades
all beautiful in their own way

where our dreams became memories
and we watched our children
take to the skies
as we had before them
searching for their place

In the present we live
in a place of wanting
where moments no longer matter

Where today
tomorrow seems far away
as far away as yesterday
where the moments are lost in the waiting

The journey no longer follows
that winding road
and every step is a short cut
a means to an end
arrive faster depart faster

The world is no longer a place to discover
but a place to conquer
a place to carve our names
where attention and admiration
are currency
and empathy and kindness
are considered weakness

A place where the seasons
are merely a backdrop for vanity

Where the slow march of time
underestimated, still stalks us all
while we transform our social profiles
our faces and our arses

Where we mock those who don’t conform
where we bully and attack
and where in our narcissism
in our hubris
in our dangerous confidence
tomorrow is just another day
where we will be on display

And tomorrow
today will seem very far away
but not as far as yesterday

The world transformed
broken and bruised
moving in slow motion
circles and spirals to nowhere

Unlike those who went before us
no one is searching for their place

© Ann Bagnall

** A poem from my book ‘Time Is Not Just Clocks or Ticks and Tocks’ published on Amazon**

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