Only In My Dreams Can I Follow You

…and only my love remains

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

On this untraveled road
I walk in dreams
my turbulent mind
longs for this night to pass

constant burns the flame of love
between flesh and bone
magnificent days
magnify my pain
it is a blind path
a labyrinth
a lovely blossom trail

dreams lead me forward
and I am naked in the rain
my soul bathes
in the blue mirror
of your eyes

oh, how I fell
and oh, how far it seems
for the earth to reach to the sky
on these shores
where dark waves beat
only the wind is sighing by

I can hear a leaf
falling to the ground
one fatal footstep
one small candle
one tragic minute
then only ashes
scattering in the wind

a heartbeat short of eternity
only in my dreams
can I follow you
and only my love

© Ann Bagnall

** A poem from my book ‘I Am The Mirror Empty Without You’ published on Amazon**

3 thoughts on “Only In My Dreams Can I Follow You

    1. Thanks Joel! Sorry for the delay in responding but having some internet and phone issues post big storms early in the week – daily posts are pre-scheduled but answering comments needs a connection!!

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