The Patterns of the Dance

…so brief is the moment

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

White lightning and windowpanes
the play of light and colour

a restless, rolling fog across the distant heavens
painted softly in watercolour

the amethyst of the sunset
reflected in unending images

rose petal dreams float over a lavender ocean
where there is always rain on the far horizon

clouds swallow clouds
the petals close, the petals open

spring drifts away, summer dances in
autumn swoops down, winter falls heavily

days go to night
nothing but silence, where fallen petals lie

it feels a fleeting loss
the seasons change in constant repetition

these are the patterns of the dance
so brief is the moment

yet there is no undoing it

© Ann Bagnall

** A poem from my book ‘Seasons Shift – The Patterns of the Dance’ published on Amazon**


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