Only Silence

…comes back to me

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

Through the open window
of my heart
I watch the moonlight fall
on the pages of a book
long unread

I reach
as if to touch your memory
the night is heavy
with the scent of roses
the sweetness
clinging to my skin

there are reflections
of heaven
in rainwater
snowflakes and stardust
on the mirror they fall
the tears of the night

a gust of wind
a peal of thunder
inside my mind
your voice whispers to me
speaks to me
of what has never been

I seek the hue of the spark
I am missing
but only silence
comes back to me
like a pebble in the pond
slipping softly
beneath the dark surface

I am remembering
other windows
how they looked out
on other days
in the season of stark trees
against azure skies
the image shimmers
with vivid clarity
and cancels out
all other shades

the hours build
one upon the other
but still the candle burns
dripping its wax
upon the cold tiles
and the rain
continues falling

© Ann Bagnall

** A poem from my book ‘I Am The Mirror Empty Without You’ published on Amazon**

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