Restless Under the Moon

…like rivers flowing to the sea

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

The night is liquid
it owns me
flows through me
drips unceasingly
from the empty sky

this empty space
where my heart melts
where the waters run
where your face reflects

in this boundless sky
the seas of memory
are restless
under the moon

like rivers
flowing to the sea
from the gardens of heaven
flying away
from the dark night

the emptiness opens up
between darkness and light
and heaven and earth

through the windows, of night
creeps the sunlight

birds cry in the wind
flying across
the lavender field, of morning

in the fading silence
I hear footsteps fall
in my heart alone

I dream of a smile
perhaps a kiss
for all that was left
unsaid, or undone

two butterflies, rest
under a blossoming tree
under falling petals
and rain-soaked skies

in my aching soul
their beating wings
echo on the breeze
like the sighing
of numberless blades of grass

in this brief moment
in this instant, of longing
it is as if my love
is a bird, in the evening sky

in each breath of night
the clouds and mist swirl
with the twilight shadows

in my heart
and in the dark currents
of endless night
all gates to my heart
are open

© Ann Bagnall

** A poem from my book ‘Surrender to the Flames’ published on Amazon**

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