Surrender to the Flames

…the rekindled spark

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

The days of sorrow
are no longer ours
we are adrift
upon the sea
upon the edge
of desire

the wild red scent
of passion
tempts us
to swim deep
into the depths
of each other’s eyes

we are rising
from the ashes
and ready to bloom
we know each other
from lifetimes before

we never really parted
we were just floating
gently washed away
into the formless light

upon a silken web
where dark messengers
whispered to us
of the rekindled spark

of our surrender
to the flames
and it felt so familiar
reminiscent of a dream

this time has been waiting for us
and so, like risen ghosts
we reach for what we seek
we take it all

and fill ourselves
to overflowing
with the white-hot fire
of need

© Ann Bagnall

** A poem from my book ‘Surrender to the Flames’ published on Amazon**

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