…is testing my heart

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

Flames become embers
then ashes
the hearth
cold and lifeless
I am drifting lost and listless
more disconnected
with each passing day

time is testing my heart
I am on the precipice
of the abyss
becoming unsubstantial
fear beating
on the windows of my soul

the night is heavy
with the weight of emptiness
an emptiness that roars
through the catacombs
of my mind
grief holding court
in the silence

cascading down to me
the pathway to heaven
is fading away
I am in the darkness now
a void that cannot be filled

a fleeting moment
holding my breath
traces of you clinging
like the fragrance of flowers
in unexpected places

the morning awakens
in shades of melancholy
her mournful wind
weeping through the trees
igniting a whispering
in the last fading leaves

shades of winter are falling
as she paints her soft colours
only the trees defy her brushstrokes
their barren branches
starkly silhouetted against the sky

circular streams of smoke and mirrors
the sun casts no shadow
in this pale chamber
the darkness distant and deep
delicately fading in the moment

drawing stones
from my heavy heart
searching for the white
in a mountain of black
the futility of hope
in the face of an unrelenting force
the seasons turn over and over
and each must run its course

© Ann Bagnall

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