I Am The Brief Reflection

…caught sight of in a window

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

I come as shadows
gently falling, across the threshold
a movement in a doorway
shifting, in the twilight
I am the murmurs that cling
like an ache, from another time
I am part of you
woven into your day
never far removed from thought
a dream lost
in the darkness of your past

I am the comfort
in the depths, of endless night
I come in the pale, pre-dawn light
in the silent breath, of morning
I am the brief reflection
caught sight of, in a window
or in a glassy pool
before the ripples, shatter all
the inner voice
the sounds, you hear at night

I am the thought, that fades too soon
the unasked question
that wakes you, in the dark
I come, as the whispers
and the echoes of the wind
I am there when the silence
holds you close
like hope, in a long black night

I come as spring petals quicken
and ascend, into fragrant flight
I come to you when summer
hangs a sweet sun, in the sky
I come with the autumn leaves
that dance in the winds
of my breath
I come with the thick blanket
of winter
with the new moon
and the fresh snow

I walk the pathway
that merges with yours
over journeys
that can’t be marked in miles
and I am always with you
through the tendrils
of the course of time
and your heart knows
what never ends
needs no beginning

© Ann Bagnall

** A poem from my book ‘Surrender to the Flames’ published on Amazon**

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