Time And Tide

…endless circles of life

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

The clock
has stopped
the lady moon
has fallen heavily
upon the sands
of time
pieces of her
like treasure
the weeping night

she is awaiting
the flood tides
that will carry
her brokenness away
with the music
of darkness
as it reaches
into the shadows
for its lost refrain
that was once stolen
by the summer wind

but finding
no solace there
it slowly bleeds away
fading to whispers
and in its wake
a soft blush
of moonbeams
and passionate
and shimmering
from the ashes
of the fall

the clock
whose sudden stop
brought the moon
to ground
takes a tentative tick
and a tentative tock
breathes deeply
of the night
and shrouded
in the shimmering veils
of her light
both time and tide
their endless cycles
of life

© Ann Bagnall

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