The Waiting Circles of Darkness

…where your voice is now drifting

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

My heart is broken
and shadows
have now fallen in my soul

you are both the sea
that drenches me
and the flames
in which I burn

the shore
upon which I am stranded
and the night
into which my sparks drift

there are moments of longing
that feel like years
moments of darkness
where I hide my tears

now your heart
your heart is distant
not yet gone
caught in between
the chaos of the living
and the silence of the dead

as the shadows fade
softly to grey
at the close of a winter day

mere moments
before the darkening
those few short minutes
in which all will be lost

before loss was even suspected
lost between breaths
lost between heartbeats
lost between the soft tick
and the soft tock
of the clock

lost in this place
where the thin line
between love and loss
becomes a dark abyss
empty and waiting

its depths
slowly revealed
as the heart sheds its secrets
and the soul bleeds its songs
and they both fall
into the echoes

where they circle out
into the distance
their voices reverberating
in the marrow of my bones

finally fading away
into the waiting circles
of darkness
where your voice
is now drifting
like the songs of the sea

and my memories
are fading into the past
I ache to retrieve them
to hold them close once more
but they have now floated
far away from the shore

now your heart
your dear heart
may be out of reach
but your soul
still lingering
will ever belong to me

© Ann Bagnall

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