The Pale Moon

…her act of grace

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

The pale moon sails
upon the sea of night
the mistress of darkness
the guardian of the tides

she determines the fate
of the greatest oceans
her shimmering visage
at odds with her dark sorcery

the creatures of darkness
all know her name
lost souls and cursed wretches
gaze upon her distant face

and in the moment
they feel the touch of her light
blessed to be in her sight
and her veils, softly falling

surround them like a shroud
in which they wish to remain
the night flowers are blooming
their fragrance drifting again

in the early hours of morning
the dewdrops are falling
and the warm winds stir the souls
of every living thing

beautiful in the breeze
and the shifting shadows
she is an epiphany
the promise of the night
in an ocean of sky and sea

unmoved by the seasons
she holds her place
gifting all with the soft light
of her galaxy scarred face
for this is her act of grace

© Ann Bagnall

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