The Storm Brews

…in the wilds of my heart

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

Memories of kisses
adrift on the wind
shivers run through my veins
the renaissance of desire
the arch enemy
of my serenity
once cold ashes
now burning embers

the storm brews
in the wilds of my heart
the sorcery of the moon
stirs the cauldron
and the winds of destruction
conjure waves
rising higher than mountains

the song of the sea
a rhapsody
is circling my soul
like a honeybee
in search of pollen
my heart
ever open
bares her petals
for the taking
as I call to Venus
to set me free
to save me from
this misery

your silence
as always
was temporary
and those days
those months
those empty years
still inflict wounds
that in the end
spill less blood
than the brief moments
where our paths
converged in the dark

we roll the devil’s dice
paying his price
not with silver
but with another piece
of our fractured hearts
both cruelly marked
by every deception
every change
of direction
promises made
promises broken

love everlasting
too wild to be held
too wild to let go
waxes and wanes
with the cycles of the moon
the blood of the beast
is spilled
a desperate death

but destiny
cannot be thwarted
our dark stars
continue their progress
across the vast emptiness
of the sky
the wild wind
calls across the void
in tones that reach
into my soul
and I know that you
are forever mine
and without you
I can never
be whole

© Ann Bagnall

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