A Trace of You

…still lingers

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

Fathomless dreams
gently caress me
softly brushing
across my cheek
feather light
and familiar

I am cloaked
in their luscious
velvet folds
and drifting
upon the open seas
of my desire

moving slowly
time passes
and silence whispers
low and sweet
I know
that it won’t keep

into the melting
of the dawn
slowly poured
from the deep wells
of my endless need

blossoms float
beyond my reach
their scent engulfs me
as soft clouds
pull me slowly
where there is nothing
nothing to see
nothing to feel
but the ache
of what could have been

you are here
somewhere near
in imperfect
flowing time
but as always
I awaken
too soon
too soon to reach you
and my heart
is breaking
once again

in the awakening
I am alone
I cannot remember
the warmth
of your arms
but a trace of you
still lingers
upon my tongue

© Ann Bagnall

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