The Distance Between Us

…cannot be breached

We have lost each other here
beneath this veil
that once sheltered us

here between the darkness
and the now fading light
our colours were constantly shifting

the songs of our hearts
now distant and indistinct
as the birds cry into the wind

their pleading songs vanishing
into the voids of the night
as the cold catches their wings

I feel their absence like a wound
sorrow flows through my veins
like ice through a reluctant river

catching on each sharp memory
as they flow in all directions
and aching for sweet release

confronting the rising dawn
with an empty heart
and empty arms

all that remains are fallen leaves
whispering in the dust and the shadows
and the swirling rivers of my pain

closing my eyes, I turn away
as I know the currents are strong
you are now out of reach
and the distance between us
cannot be breached

© Ann Bagnall

** A poem from my book ‘I Dance with the Ghost That Haunts Me’ published on Amazon**

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