Bound By Eternal Threads

…our leaves will always return to the root of the tree

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

Finally broken
nothing left to lose
here I stand
a barren tree
ankle deep
in the wreckage

my blossoms
upon the four winds
my leaves crumbling
colours fading
all that I loved
forever lost

this life
a treacherous journey
a winding road
where the landscape
is ever shifting
down dales and up hills
where time
relentless in its mission
turns even mountains
into dust

the crumbled remains
feather light
and vulnerable
enjoy one last flight
one last foray
under the sky
before returning
to the earth

here I stand
in the fathomless darkness
my naked soul trembling
sorrowful night winds
serenade me
from the shadows

the moon rises
in shimmering silence
her translucent veils
gentle and warm
circling my branches
the distance between us
fading in the moment

now the clock is calling
ticking louder
the moon hides her face
but I cannot hide my tears
just two lonely souls
reaching across the void
an unspoken connection

now feel like years
we are bound
by eternal threads
and our leaves
will always return
to the root of the tree

© Ann Bagnall

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