Solitude is a state of mind
a place that only I can go
the silence deafens me
yet it is where I choose to be

time ticking, hours passing
a false measure
the hands of the clock
create hope and fear
with no foundation
just a concept
dressed in reality’s cloak
running through the night
unheard and unseen
a masquerade of substance

the things I fear the most
call the loudest
emotional alchemy creates art
from my darkness
silence flows in the murky depths
slow circular motion
talking to the echoes of my shadows
this is not loneliness
but a cage of my own making
to keep the world out

in the depths I drift
my brushstrokes create masterpieces
in subtle shades of nowhere
carving paths in stone
windows into emptiness

Alice is not in the looking glass
reality whispers too softly to hear
the white rabbit is not running anywhere
the lure of emptiness
seductive and intangible
an empty well beckons
incongruously full of nothing

I toss the coin into the satin below
it has no currency here
nothing to buy, nothing to own
here in the depths, I am alone
loneliness is a destination
a choice that I make
a place where I can lose myself
in the lack of noise
and the absence of crowds

in the depths of the shallows
sleeping under unseen stars
listening to unheard winds
that whisper endlessly into the void
solitude is my canopy
under which I am finally free
finally free to be me
floating weightless on the unseen tides
leaving ripples in time
that no-one will ever see

no need to hide
here is where I feel truly alive
as the chaos subsides and the noise dies
my solitary soul sighs

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