Dichotomy Of Desire

Ravens circling to my right, doves to my left

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

Ravens circling to my right
doves to my left

I have become the one
the one with a thousand eyes
a night owl
eyes burning in the dark

an ache, fathoms deep, in my soul
an ancient voice that calls
from where my shadow
now empty, echoes
an entire world in my depths

can you hear my heart calling
from the embers and the ashes?
can you see the night
changing its colours?

for a moment
the eyes of the storm are close
this is my cue
my call to retreat
to don my cloak
of invisibility
where once again
I slip away

I ache to be silent and unseen
an empty window
framed by darkness
free from the anchor
and the arrows
of longing

yet in my soul
you still linger
the dichotomy
of desire
I love you
I love you not
I need you
I need you not

threads of light
through barren branches
the trees tremble
for they know my name
and they whisper it
in hushed tones
to the trembling night

the cold, caresses
my pearlescent skin
softly, like gossamer veils
of spider silk
it awakens the need in me

suspended in the moment
I feel time
still trickling in slow motion
and I am floating
above it all

in the dark and the light
in the black and the white
I feel the feather light touch
of the wind
and I am carried
on gentle wings

ravens circling to my left
doves to my right

© Ann Bagnall

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