Evocative Echoes

Eyes closed, heart wide open

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

Every moment
etched upon my soul
brief moments of peace

eyes closed
heart wide open
my disappearing act

for what seems
a lifetime
in my mind

I drift away
away into the ethers
of delusion
where in my hubris
I feel
fleetingly free
free from the hold
that your heart
has on me

free from the waves
the waves of longing
the fathomless depths
of desire

but in time
I hear you calling
just whispers
those hushed waves
a distant shore
and I feel
the soft veils of moonlight
gently tracing my skin

and in the moment
I recognise the signs
these moments
these metaphors
my heart
my dear heart
has delicately crafted
she knows my soul
she brings me home
from self-imposed
from my desolation

from where freedom
was just a concept
not my reality
she cushions my fall
with her gentle touch

but the fall, the fall
it is always too much
too much for me to bear
that descent in icy air
falling back into the echoes
the echoes
of you

vague images shifting
into soft mists
and peace
peace eludes me again
and I embrace
the evocative echoes

eyes closed
heart wide open
my disappearing act

© Ann Bagnall

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