We never knew the destination
and the future was unseen

Hopes built on treacherous sands
drifting aimlessly upon the ebb and flow
of restlessly shifting tides

Held fast in the arms of time
minutes moving silently to hours

Anchoring ourselves again
to the dissonant weight of emptiness
with knots that could not be untied

The wind carried whispers of change
and fragrant petals of memories

Scattering them like breadcrumbs
through the darkening woods
where we wandered unaware

Walking the familiar perfumed paths
attempting to rewrite our history

Not heeding the wind’s pleading whispers
retracing our steps over and over
becoming weary of our wandering

Tumbling together into a hall of mirrors
where in the moment we embraced the fall

Until deep in the shallows of despair
we heard the echoes of a requiem
and ever undefeated the past prevailed again

© Ann Bagnall

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