Shadows Play

…shifting in darkness

Weightless and trembling
butterflies of hope spread their wings
unaware of their brevity and fragility

as the sun gently sets
on all that you hold dear
they break apart and drift away

the light in your eyes
is drowning in these dark waters
where siren songs once filled the air

you are now standing at the dark edges
on the very brink of understanding
just steps away from the truth

your arms outstretched you turn away
away from this new reality
dangerously close to awakening

you hear the sounding drums
at first distant and soft
each beat baring another piece of your soul

in your heart you feel the vibrations
it is the beginning of the end
the walls are finally falling

reality circles illusion
like a predator does its prey
as birds cry into the howling wind

now shadows play shifting in darkness
their shades of black just a shimmer
captured in the moonlight

barely distinguishable
from the negative space
of the never-ending night

calling hollow in the darkness
memories sing a song of ice
cold and pale in their final demise

for a brief moment in your heart
regret flutters and a breeze caresses the trees
alone with your shadow you take your leave

© Ann Bagnall

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