The Clock Keeps On Ticking

Your voice is silent tonight
but your essence still clings to me
I yearn to fill the emptiness
time is drifting by
I have lost count of the hours
the clock keeps on ticking

Memories engulf me
like scarlet flowers
that never seem to fade
with the passing of years
they flow like silk
the music that you were
I hear it in the moon
as it dances on the lake

The song that you were
I roll it off my tongue
my memories like leaves
they rustle in the wind
and I am ever searching
to find a way
to let the days rewind

So I can fly with you
just one more day
above the ties that bind
yet still my waiting heart
hears that well familiar clock
its endless ticking
running through the years
like the sands through the hourglass
and my ever-present tears

© Ann Bagnall

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