Here In The Seasons Of Loss

Life is in the dark caverns

My sorrow falls in walls of waves 
crashing heavily down upon me 
taking away the light 
and drowning me in seemingly endless night 

Loss blossoms like a flower 
opening out of season 
only to find the darkness and the cold 
too overwhelming 

In an effort to warm itself 
it begins bleeding 
freely seeping into everything that surrounds it 
blooming like an open wound 

Its blood painting everything in its dark hues 
as life flows away into the snow and the ice 
colours fading to grey 
loss strips everything away

Even the pain no longer remains
here in the seasons of loss 
the sun does not rise
the moon does not grace the skies

Storms do not rage 
and wind does not play 
time is no longer measured in minutes or hours 
but in breaths and unrelenting loneliness 

Where silence and reflection 
are my only companions 
memories once precious 
now exceed air and food in terms of need 

Life is in the dark caverns 
endless reels of dreams 
flickering unseen 
and I close my eyes and breathe them in 

my faithful companion 
becomes beautiful 
in its constancy 

Speaking to me 
from somewhere I cannot see 
holding me in a place
where I do not wish to be 
yet from which I also
no longer wish to leave 

© Ann Bagnall

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