Awaiting But The Key

Held by only one

It was a pathway in a forest
where I had never passed before
in the merest clutch of minutes
my life was mine no more

I walked the track forever
lost a lifetime in one night
I barely felt it happen
as I fell into the breach

I felt control flow from me
like the passing of a sigh
I found an offered lifeline
and in ignorance I reached

I danced beneath the brightest stars
around the warmest fires
I fell upon some secret glades
where violets lay like jewels

sprinkled with abandon
on a blanket wrought in jade
interspersed with yellow primrose
full of promises and light

beneath the softest weeping willows
that trailed tresses out behind
to the lively dancing waters
of the melting winter falls

I wished to stay forever
in that blessed tranquil place
but a nagging truth did stalk me
seeking only to be found

so I forged ahead in earnest
and cut a swathe ahead
crushing all and any underfoot
in my effort to be free

even that which never harmed me
was bruised by my retreat
the vines they sought to hold me back
engulf me, keep me close

The ancient trees they watched me
from their dark and haughty groves
their terror and their beauty
great enough to make me weep

their sentry posts dispatched their scouts
to halt my laboured flight
their arms reached out forever
stealing every inch of sky

they trapped me in their garden
beat me down and took my soul
now I am lost within the clutches
of the life within the dark

ever more to trace the circle
of alternate hope, despair
ever more to seek the quiet places
where my spirit soars

to yearn for satisfaction
from a deeper, unfound place
a secret undiscovered
the place I was meant to be

The Aladdin’s cave
the treasure trove
that only I can find
yet it is not within the forest

in the places that I hunt
It is hidden deep within me
awaiting but the key
the key which is held by only one

the one who seeks me too
ever more and endlessly

© Ann Bagnall


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