All The Colours I Have Known

Changing endlessly as me

Beginnings must be wrought
from the shades of endings
as if in some ancient harmony
the dying of the day, like a red rose

that falls upon on its own reflection
between sanguine folds of velvet
fragments of the setting sun
that glow softly like rubies

After the days’ last kiss upon the clouds
radiant with a touch of gold
there comes the purple nightfall
the dark domains of evening skies

follow the last sliver of violet light
the limitlessness of moonlight in the night
gleaming silver threads
blending into star bright skies

Sparkled spider-webs nightly spun
the beauty that bejewels the vault of heaven
the languid moment of the pause
the blush of morning and crimson flush of colour

flowers that open to the touch of dawn
the ever-changing hues of the sky
shot through with golden threads
of the gently breaking morn

As the green earth greets the sun
verdant groves and silver showers
archways of beauty and light
white puddles of blossoms

studded with emerald stones
even wind over leaves
has a beauty that becomes a colour
blending shades of shadows with light

All the colours I have known
vibrant splashing colours wild and wanton
true timeless beauty always new
patterns changing endlessly as me

© Ann Bagnall

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