Neptune’s tides flow through my life

shades of blue colour my hours and paint the broken pieces of my soul

Echoes of forever drift in from the moon

dancing to an unseen orchestra in the faraway depths of the sea

Pages of us slowly turning in the night winds

like parting seas, revealing the unexpected darkness hidden within

Trident raised in seas of night, I feel the pull of Neptune’s rage

and from my blackened mirror, the void calls to me

Unfathomable alchemy the sea and I, our unfulfilled waves

endlessly returning in whispers of yesterday’s pain

Now tides of sorrow flow, alone, with tears we never cried,

I am wrapped in the arms of the sea and the sirens call to me

Eyes full of oceans I cannot see, my heart filled with sand that aches to be free

the ebb weighs heavy on me

© Ann Bagnall

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